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Whole House Approach

The Whole House Approach refers to the strategy that must be followed under ECO4 for improving energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall environmental performance of a residential building, not just one element. Instead of focusing on offering single measures to a dwelling, the whole house approach considers the entire home and looks at every possible measure we can install in the home instead of just a singular measure.

The key principles of the Whole House Approach include:

Energy Efficiency Thewhole house approach emphasizes reducing energy consumption by optimizing insulation, air sealing, ventilation systemsand efficient heating systems. This involves improving the thermal performance of the building envelope, upgrading windows and doors, and utilizing energy-efficient appliances and lighting.

Our Take: When an assessment is carried out by one of our qualified surveyors, we will look at every possible measure your home qualifies for under the ECO4 scheme and do what we can to ensure that all of the measures are installed, your heating bills go down and the energy efficiency of your home goes up.

Indoor Air Quality: A crucial aspect of the whole house approach is ensuring good indoor air quality for occupants. This involves proper ventilation and filtration systems to remove pollutants and controlling moisture levels to prevent mould and mildew growth.

Menai Heating LTD

Renewable Energy Integration: The whole house approach encourages the integration of renewable energy technologies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and decrease the carbon footprint of the building such as air source heat pumps and solar photovoltaics.

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