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Menai Heating LTD

Giving Back to the Local Community

Menai Heating LTD

At Menai Heating, we understand that warmth extends beyond the reach of our heating systems. It encompasses the warmth of community spirit, the passion for sports, and the drive to support local organisations. This is why we proudly sponsor a range of local sports teams and community organizations, providing the essential warmth and backing that goes far beyond the world of heating.

  • Menai Bridge Tigers Football Club
  • Menai Bridge Cricket Club
  • Menai Bridge Pool Team
  • Menai Bridge Netball Team
  • Ysgol Bryn Cyr Rugby Team
  • Pentraeth Football Team
  • Menai Raft Race
  • Friends of Ysgol y Borth
  • Individual Player Sponsorships

Our involvement in these sports and community organizations isn't just about putting our name out there. It's about being part of something bigger, about supporting dreams and aspirations. We're committed to keeping the community warm, both on and off the pitch. Because at Menai Heating, we believe that warmth comes in many forms, and it's our privilege toprovide it.

Menai Heating is always open to extending our support to other local organizations and initiatives that share our values of community, passion, and excellence.

If you believe your organization could benefit from our sponsorship, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 01248 421044. Together, we can continue to fuel the passionof community and sportsacross Anglesey and Gwynedd.

01248 421044

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