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Are you a private landlord seeking to enhance your tenant's comfort whilst decreasing their cost of living, increase your property value whilst meeting environmental and rental compliances?
The energy company obligation scheme offers grant funding towards insulation, renewable and heating measures to dwellings in the private rental sector.

What's in It for You?

Enhance Tenant Well-being:

Imagine the gratitude of your tenants when they see reduced energy bills, enjoy a consistent indoor temperature, and know they're contributing to a healthier planet! Your tenants' comfort and satisfaction will translate into sterling reviews, referrals, and a great tenant-landlord relationship.

Tenant retention:

By offering energy-efficient living spaces, you cater to the growing market of environmentally conscious tenants. Enjoy the perks of long-term tenancies, timely rent payments, and a standout reputation in the rental community.

Increase in property value:

Leveraging ECO4 grants to revamp your properties with these energy efficient measures aren't just cosmetic they are investments. Future tenants and buyers are on the lookout for modern, energy-efficient homes.

Stay Ahead with Compliance:

With the UK'sstringent regulations on energy efficiency, falling behind is not an option. ECO4 grants offer a route for you to meet, and surpass government requirements for rental properties. This proactive approach saves you from future penalties and positions you as a compliant in the eyes of prospective tenants and authorities.


The prerequisites depend on the property's EPC rating and your tenant's status. If your property has an energy rating of E-G and your tenants are on certain government benefits, have a gross household income below £31,000 or suffer from certain health conditions, the property is likely to qualify. This a win-win solution to offer your tenants an uplift in the comfort of their living whilst also increasing the value of your property. All private tenure properties must have full time tenants, empty properties do not qualify and all properties must be deemed habitable to qualify.

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