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    Domestic Sprinkler Systems

    Since January 1st 2016, all new planning applications for new build or change of use domestic properties in Wales will have to have fitted a BS9251:2014 compliant sprinkler system. English and Scottish legislation is not far behind as the proven safety of such devices will no doubt prevail over the obvious financial implications to developers and self-builders.

    The regulations apply to ANY residential property whether it be a:

    • House
    • Flat
    • Care Home
    • Registered group Home
    • Sheltered Housing
    • Any rooms used for residential purposes

    The technology is not just specific to new build properties and renovations either – we can retro-fit systems in existing homes. This enables any domestic property to benefit from peace of mind and security that a fire suppression system can offer plus added benefits that could include lower insurance premiums and added appeal for rented properties.

    Modern sprinkler systems work by feeding a continuous cold water supply to specific sprinkler heads throughout the property. The advantage of such systems is that they are individually activated so if a fire starts in one room the sprinkler is quickly activated in that room only, thus prioritising the fire suppression and not damaging or interfering with other parts of the property unnecessarily.

    Most system designs are relatively straightforward and can be run off Mains water pressure and a network of pipes run through the property, provided you have specified a 32mm Cold water main for the property. Each room/area will have its own temperature sensitive fitting which will cover that area against the outbreak of fire. The BS9251:2014 standard ensures that the location and design of the system complies with all relevant regulations and best practices to give the best protection and ensures compliance with the relevant Building control regulations.

    Some systems will require a more complex design and may require header tanks and pumped solutions to satisfy the requirements. We will always discuss all options and solution with you to ensure you are getting the most appropriate advice and level of protection that you require.

    A design calculation is usually required at planning stage to satisfy the regulations followed by a first fix installation and a commissioning and handover once the property is completed.

    For advice or to request a non-obligation quote for works please contact us by email, phone or using the contact us page so we can get back in touch.


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    If you have applied in the past with no success you may be accepted now as the qualifying criteria was changed dramatically at the beginning of the year (2017) to help more households pass for free funding.

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