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    Internal Wall Insulation Grants


    Evidence has proven that around 35% of your heat is lost through your external walls meaning 35p of every £1.00 you spend on energy is lost through the walls or £350 out of a £1000 a year energy bill! Let us install internal Wall

    The System

    We have two methods of installing Internal Wall Insulation with rigid insulated plasterboards, fixed to the wall with adhesive or installing batons to create a stud wall with the insulated boards fixing to the batons.

    Both systems finish 80mm or 3 ½” off the existing wall, the reduction in your room size is minimal and once finished with paint or wall-paper the wall looks the same as it always has.

    Both systems are designed and installed to give a low U-value of 0.3w/m2, each system chosen to suit the type of property.

    Internal wall insulation can be installed to cavity-built walls but installing Internal Wall Insulation on system build, solid brick and stone properties has proven to give large fuel and energy savings.

    What Happens During Installation

    During the installation process existing sockets and light switches are extended, radiators removed and reattached. New skirting boards, architrave and cornice are installed to match the existing décor.

    All walls are finished with a pink plaster

    New extended windowsills are installed to extend over the 80mm walls


    A major factor when installing Internal Wall Insulation is ventilation, as your house is getting airtight, we need to remove the stale unhealthy air from bathing and cooker and replace with fresh clean air.

    All wet rooms for example bathroom and kitchen are required to have extract ventilation in place, all habitable rooms will require background ventilation to bring the fresh air into the house, this will be done by window trickle vents

    Your Home

    We use highly skilled operatives, plasterers all hold NVQ qualifications, plumbers are Gassafe registered, the electricians are NICEIC registered.

    The priority is to look after your home and dust is minimised, dust sheets are laid out, furniture moved if required and covered, floor protection fitted throughout the property.

    On completion the rooms worked in will be cleaned and hoovered.

    Rubbish will be removed from the property

    You will be left with new walls ready to paint or wallpaper, the moisture in your home will be controlled eliminating mould and damp spots, air will be cleaner, large fuel and money saving on your heating bills.

    Click here to see our Internal Wall Insulation Case Study ………….

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    If you have applied in the past with no success you may be accepted now as the qualifying criteria was changed dramatically at the beginning of the year (2017) to help more households pass for free funding.

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